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To provide successful brands that connects our customers and us and enjoy challenges through creativity.
We strive to grow our business with integrity; expand our creativity and service.
Premium Solution
Benevolent client relationship
Undivided customer loyalty.


We offer conceptualizing and executing advertising solutions for print, television, radio and web.

Print & Production

A complete list of below-the-line categories in print media such as Corporate Identities, Brand manuals, Logo designing, Brochures, Hoardings, menus, leaflets, fliers, etc to name a few.

Digital Media

Social Media
We spawn effective and well-planned campaigns and run them on social media platforms that best suit the product or service in contention. Every campaign is studied upon and only after the rite mix and depth of social media platforms are identified, we execute them with strong visual communication.

Brand Building

We say, "If you have an idea, product or service, just come with an open mind and we will do everything needed from Brand naming to brand identity designing which involves Logo design to brand values, brand positioning, brand language, brand culture & ethics that will be the soul of the brand architecture that you seek" Once we are ready with the brand image, it is then, where we make the world wide web and the real world a place to parallelly exist and thrive.

Its is said that in the Himalayan ranges, there are monstrous creatures called Yeti. Although they are monstrous in appearance, but are regarded as the safe keepers of the sacred mountain. Protecting it from the exploitation caused by humans.
The same theory applies in many instances. Our clients need to revive their brands, launch their businesses, or stabilize and expand their presence. These are perfectly conducive situations for them to get tangled in the web of orthodox solution providers who cause more damage than benefit. This is where professionals like us come into light to provide effective and creative solutions and protect the integrity of the client.



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Indian Magic Eye Pvt. Ltd.

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Bapus Services

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Rahul Kutty

CEO & Founder
I believe educated Intuition is far more valuable than statistical analysis to build brands and device campaigns. Keeping in mind every one is unique and unique is not measurable.